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Variable phase oscillator & lfo.

ÆMIT's experimentation lab is equipped with a quad speaker system, so we needed something to swirl those sounds around. Not content with a relatively simple quadrature oscillator, the Variphase quickly evolved into a polyvalent beast of epic proportions (excuse the hyperbole). Not your average oscillator this then.

In addition to a fixed 0° output, there's four separate outputs at either fixed quadrature phase, or adjustable phases equally & dynamically spread over a very wide range. A powerful mix output blends the 0° waveform with any other phase, taking care of your basic waveshaping needs.
Each output can produce a different waveform, and can be individually detuned against the 0° output. Yup, 5-note chords indeed, made easier to tune by activating its optional quantization function.

In the ÆMIT tradition everything needs to be voltage-controlled. So, obviously there's your obligatory exponential FM input and its 1V/Oct cousin, as well as a linear thru-zero FM input, a phase modulation input, and a 4-quadrant AM input for those lovely bell tones. Or screeching mayhem.
A sync input completes the picture.

The basic properties of the Variphase are nothing to sneeze at either.
An overall frequency range of 26 octaves, split up over 3 range bands. Pitch-perfect tracking over more than 12 octaves. Optional quantized tuning and frequency modulation.
Auto-saving of all settings at power-down, and auto-reloading at power-up. Resettable to a default state in case you got lost in its endless possibilities.
It operates at super high resolution with no aliasing whatsoever, and is completely jitter- and noise free. The Variphase core runs at zero latency, which allows for the elusive self-feedback patches.

So there it is, a single digital oscillator capable of mimicking an entire analogue powerhouse. With the accent on analogue.

The Variphase pairs well with our VCO II. Or with another Variphase. Or both.