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Dual Voltage Controlled Amplifier.

With our dual analogue VCA design, we just made the second-most boring module in a modular setup a whole lot less boring.

Basically the top VCA lends itself best for regular VCA & mixing duties, while the bottom version allows for more precise control to massage a single signal. Both feature a clean noise-free signal path, with lots of headroom to spare. Signal and modulation inputs are DC-coupled, with zero bleed-through for the cv's.
The top VCA features two controllable signal inputs, one controllable am input, and a switch to set the response to either linear or exponential. A VCA isn't a proper one without an initial gain control, thus we've got that covered too.

The bottom VCA offers only one signal input, but with a bipolar level control enabling the inversion of any incoming signal. Two modulation inputs, one of which has a bipolar control, give you the opportunity to apply an amplitude envelope and add some tremolo while you're at it. Or two envelopes, why not ? The post-fader modulation signals and the initial gain setting are combined and made available at a cv mix output, so you can pass on the same modulation to a second VCA or other destination.

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of the bottom VCA is the uncanny ability to have full voltage control over its response curve. A typical application for this unique feature would be to shorten or lengthen the timing of a controlling envelope, and setting pseudo-accents according to the incoming response cv, though many other applications beg to be explored.

The importance of plenty VCA's in a complex modular system can't be stressed enough, and we like to think that our Two Gates is more than able to fulfil that role under any and all circumstances…
Two Gates might look deceivingly plain-vanilla, but make no mistake, this is really proper VCA goodness.

Two Gates pairs well with, umm, with anything and everything.